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Blue Man Group

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(Full disclosure Dad Bloggers and other bloggers were invited for a free showing of this show.  This is effectively my first sponsored post)

I’ve lived in the Chicago area my entire life, seen commercials for The Blue Man Group for a large chunk of it. Thought it was most of my life but found out they started in Chicago in 1997, shows me how ingrained it is in Chicago media culture it is when it feels like I was born watching their commercials. I had no expectations for the show other than the idea that they “drum colors,” make sounds with pipes, and this great podcast episode of The Moth

I loved the nonverbal communication between the blue men to each other and toward the audience, the massive dance club event that slammed the senses and got everyone to their feet. The improv feel of the show was great with an anything could happen feel from either the audience or blue men

Coming soon the Blue Man Group will be doing a special show for Autism awareness called Autism Speaks a slightly adjusted show for autistic people Sunday, October 4th at 4pm in Chicago and you can find other shows around the country here.

I had always considered this show a tourist attraction until I actually saw the show, would recommend this show to both tourists and locals, it has to been seen at least once


Blue Man Group National Tour Credit photo: ©Paul Kolnik paul@paulkolnik.com nyc 212-362-7778

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The Needed Downtime


It’s that moment where I know he’s too much for me. Doesn’t help that we have colds sapping all my energy and he is on edge due to being congested. Thankfully the wife took him away camping for a day and a half. I need this down time where I do nothing but sleep, game, catch up on movies/TV shows.

I just need to turn off he’s too social for my introverted self even when he’s sick, vegging on the couch completely revives me if it’s in enough of a quantity. Every stay at home parent needs it in my opinion, some way to tune out and shut off.

Potty Training

ben is 1 month from being 3 and we finally are working on potty training as he has preschool in September. It’s been 8 hours and we’ve had no accidents! Using the method, though we aren’t to go underwearless for 3 months. The real test will be tonight when he’s out and about tonight.